What does Nanopore treatment consist of and what is it for?

It is a microneedle device driven by an electric motor of maximum precision, which facilitates the penetration of assets into the epidermis and induces the reactivation of collagen and elastin. This treatment is suitable for all skin types and highly recommended in patients with wrinkles, stretch marks, pigmentation and scars.

What are the benefits of Nanopore treatment?

• Facilitates the absorption and penetration of assets into the skin.
• Induces the formation of new collagen and activates the process of renewal of skin cells.
• It is an adjunct in facial rejuvenation treatments, spots, stretch marks and scars.
• The microneedles are adjustable in depth and adapt to the type of skin and the need of the patient.
• It can be done in a short time and does not require disability.

How long is the Nanopore session?

In Naturalness each Nanopore session lasts approximately an hour.


When are the results seen and how often is the Nanopore treatment performed?

The result varies from patient to patient; however, results generally begin to be noticed a week after treatment.

The number of sessions depends on the condition of each patient. It is important to attend an assessment appointment with our qualified medical professional to determine the areas where you want to perform and the expected results, as well as the need for complementary treatments.

Does Nanopore treatment create pain, disability or have side effects?

Nanopore treatment generates minimal discomfort and does not require disability; the slight redness or erythema subsides rapidly. The use of sunscreen is recommended in the treated area.

Nanopore treatment is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating patients with active acne, pustular rosacea and infections such as cold sores.